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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  September 4, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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>> probably be upwards of 2 to 300 kids showing up. >> new battle east bay neighbors facing tonight. teenagers throwing huge parties in foreclosed homes. good evening. >> vacant homes turned into party houses thanks in part to social media. just this weekend a condition cord neighborhood target bid teens. allen is live for news front of a home that almost became the latest party house. >> there has been reports of similar parties in walnut cree creek, pleasant hill and clayton butless nature a watchful neighbor kept this vacant home from becoming the latest illegal house party. this vacant 5 bedroom home in concord was about to become party central. >> when i came home the front door to the house was open. >>reporter: neighbor mechanical said the mr. is showed up just as tar load of
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teens began cruising by the house. party obviously a bust but he says he saw what could have been. >> all night literally pl like 2 in the morning there was just cars probably more than 30 or 40 cars coming through here. full of kid. >>reporter: search on social web site showed several text message and tweet telling everyone about a party in concord. it was supposed to start at 9:30. by o yvl b. police told him it's a popular trend where vacant homes are turned into party homes for profit. >> they will charge 5 to 10 dollars perfect head for kids to come in and party and they come in from all over the area. antioch. pittsburgh. all ove over. and crash the house. destroy the house. >> they kick the sign down. >>reporter: realtor ray is trying to sell the house. he says the house is set to close in a week and major party here could have cost him the deal. >> no. 1 the buyer wouldn't want to close. the bank wouldn't pay for anything.
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it's as is sale no. 3 the seller anticipate ago short sell would have ended up having to get a foreclosure on the record. could have put a big damper in the whole process. >>reporter: some neighbors say they saw a few teens scatter when the police first showed up but no arrest were made. this is a prison that has been taking place across the nation. being fueled by the housing melt down. live in concord, abc 7 news. >> okay thanks. >> crews being called in from around the west tonight to fight an extreme fire in the angeles national forest. fire started yesterday in the san gabriel mountains about fan miles northeast of do you want los angeles. the rugged steep terrain make this is fire very difficult to manage and quetta handle on. national forest service is using air tanker and 6 helicopter to control the flames by air as best as they can. 700 firefighters on the scene working it from the ground. expire san gabriel canyon evacuated with is
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structures threatening many. more than 600 ache versus burn so far. the fire is only 5 percent contained at this point and officials expect another week before they get it under control. mean time grass fear in cocoa continue burned 150 acres in the hills between pittsburgh and concord this evening. smoke drifted into pittsburgh. with the help of 3 air tanker and helicopters true contain the fire at 7:30 tonight. they are still on the scene this evening. no structures are threatened. nobody was injured. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. california democratic party chairman burton is poll jaysing for an inflammatory remark he made about republicans at the democratic national convention. the former san francisco state senator compared what he sees as republican campaign rhetoric to the big lies told by nazi propaganda chief during world war two he issued what he called a humble apology but he s ntroversial remarks. >> not telling the truth you
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are lying. i said joseph concept was the big lie. if you tell it enough people will think it's the trawvt. >>reporter: congress william pelosi seen here with burt open says she has no problems with the explanation. romney campaign called it gutter politic. white house called it inappropriate. >> that was in charlotte. politically powerful and supporters are rubbing elbow and preparing for the president big tonight at the democratic national convention on thursda thursday. now 7 news political reporter mark matthews is in charlotte covering the convention and young delegate from san francisco who is already getting noticed. this is me lace san miguel 26 years old. first national political convention. and i'm taking better it's not her last. when she tells me her time here at the convention seems a little dream like she's talking about the american dream. >> i captain believe it's happening. made me think this is the only country where something like that can happen. >>reporter: she grew up in working class poor family in
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the mission. >> come from immigrant family. 81 family. my dad worked in the boiler room for offer 30 years. >>reporter: she still lives in the mission district but as taej she got into lowell high school then accepted at uc berkeley graduated in political science and yes that's her valedictorian of her graduating class. >> it's amazing with our institution can do an when they are working really well how they can alter one life path. for me that's what happened. >>reporter: she work force education non-profit in legislative affairs advocating on behalf of low income children. biggest thrill of this convention hanging out with dolores co-founder of the united farm worker union and recipient of highest civil yap honor medal of frame. >> to be in her presence and talk with her and hear about her experiences has definitely been very inspiring and i feel in more than ever being at the convention more met serrated to get even more involved and talk
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to my friends family some more about this. recommend sister voters. this election is so important. >>reporter: san miguel story is inspiration to others and it has put her in the lime night. she met with nancy pelosi as part of the san francisco delegation today. i asked her if she would consider moving from education in politic. truth is she already has. she will turn out young latino vote this fall n.charlotte, abc 7 news. and you can get instant updates from mark all week long from the convention by following him on our facebook page marcus also tweeting at matthews abc 7. and as the convention gets and way president obama stopped in louisiana today offering support to those hit hard by hurricane isaac. the president toured saint john parish where president damage and mangled trees line the streets. he pledged federal aid in the ream where about 125,000 people still without power. >> although there was tremendous property damage
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people were in a position to get out quickly and as you can see folks are on the ground already clearing out the debris and making sure that they are able to recover as rapidly as possible. >>reporter: initial estimate indicate the storm caused more than 2 billion dollars in damage. >> vallejo man wounded by police a shooting that left his companion dead claims that neither of them was carrying the pellet gun police say they had. police say they opened fire on 23-year-old mario romero when he pulled what appeared to be a gun on them early sunday morning as they approached his car parked outside his pepper drive home. now he was killed in a 30 shot barrage. his 21-year-old brother-in-law jess he have johnson was wounded. it was the seventh officer involved shooting since may. 5 have been fatal. >> department needs to take a serious look at why police officers seem to be resort to go deadly force more this year than in the past. >> unrealistic to think you are going to wait for return fire
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and basically assess each roun round. that's not what happen happens. >> police say they found 50 ecstacy 90's romero consider. officers involved are on routine administrative leave while solana county district attorney's office investigates. >> dump borton bridge open tonight about half day ahead of schedule. span shut down over the holiday weekend for retrofit work. it was to reopen tomorrow mrping at 5:00 but traffic started flowing again tonight just before 7:30. they replaced joint on east side of the bridge to make it more flexible in the event of mainly earthquake. engineers replace the west side of memorial day woon. >> more to come at 11:00. new crack down on parking. bay area city looking for parking placard abuse and what could happen to those who get caught. >> also the worst commute in the nation. 3 of them are right here in the bay year. we tell you if yours made the willist. >> as the presidential race enters the home stretch the new scheme that is targeting voters
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what you need to watch out for. all that coming up then on "nightline". >> hello. coming up. church bashing rap with over 20 million you tube hits. the young
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>> in berkeley authorities look for anyone parking illegally using a disabled placard. they are cracking down. lillian is live in berkeley with the story tonight. lil i don't know? >> dan a parking spot in berkeley can be pretty hard to come by which 80's berkeley police are going after people who abuse the system. she can pretty much park anywhere for free. she has a disability placard she obtaind with a doctor note. she underwent 2 hip surgery after a bad car accident 5 years ago. >> it's hard to walk. yes especially after i drive. i get stiff. >>reporter: but berkeley police suspect there are plenty of people with disability black placard without a legitimate
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medical physical condition. in many cases peopleboro somebody else's mras placard or a fake one. resident austin says it's frustrating to see people abusing the system. >> somebody did have one and they run natural supermarket and ran pack like sprinting. no way they should have had a disability placard. >>reporter: on tuesday police will launch a new effort to crack did you know on placard abuse. department parking enforcement officers have the authority to ask people who have one for identification and evidence this the placard they are using is issued to them. in the past only law enforcement officers had that authority. >> i have definitely then speed limit people who have had placard and taken advantage of it or been about abused it. so it's terrific they are cracking down. excellent. >> there are not enough parking spts to go around so good idea for them to enforce it. >>reporter: anybody caught illegally using the disability
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mcarrested faces a big fine. 250 to up to 1,000 $fine. >> i think people should be honor about things like that. there's a lot of people that need these spaces. >>reporter: now in addition to a fine violators risk having the placard con physician indicated. live in berkeley, abc 7 news. >> thanks. >> driving around the bay area can be slow going during the commute as most of us know. money magazine has new survey showing how hard it is. top 25 list of slowest commute in the nation. antioch third longer about 36 minutes. pittsburgh comes in at 1914 with 31 minutes to get the work and m vat 0takes average of just over half hour for your commute. >> we are just one year awhich from a big change in the commute. these the opening of the new bay bridge. this cal-trans animation shows whether the new eastern span should look like when it opens to traffic a year from tomorrow
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o. cal-trans is post add clock on the bridge construction office counting down last year to the second. still a lot of work to do but officials are confident it will be finished in time for labor day weekend celebration in 2013. >> marijuana farms are threatening the purity of the reservoir that supplies san francisco and san mateo county with the drenching water. much of the 7000 pounds of trash they have pulled from the hills around the crystal springs reservoir 40's illegal play of the night growth that includes car battery an banned chemica chemicals. officials say run off could end up mruingt the pristine reservoir. testing his not yet turned up any saint of tainted world trade center. san m take county tvbing forces the pingt 5 years they seized 175 million dollars worth of plants. >> presidential examine in the final couple months warning tonight not to be taken advantage of here. better business bureau issued a warning to help you avoid becoming a victim. among the
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trick criminals are using fundraiser asking to you donate money that never gets to the campaign. phoney voter survey which offer praises in exchange for the credit card number don't fall for. that checking for voter eligibility. this involves asking for your social security number to help you register to vote. that is obviously a no no. to avoid being a victim never give out your permission to 2 strerptio strerption. try to pray on all of us. >> yes they will. let's get a check of the forecast now. >> sandy is here as people head back to work. >> that's right. head back to work this is whether the view my look like. show you a you report photo submitted by robin l. it was a foggy cliff house in san francisco this morning. if his forward to another photo just september to me by twitter by super mo 1972. pacifica going around 68 line boulevard. yes it's getting dense in spots. let's check out live
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doppler 7 hd and visibility is down to half mile half moon ba bay. pacifica dense. you can see the fog here along the coast line so first thing tomorrow morning certainly cunt on some 80's of fog and it will be dense in pockets. temperatures right now 50's keingt side. we have 60's and 70's across the rest of the yivr. our highlights coast tl fog tonight. warm again tomorrow. partly cloudy around mid nooebing week and con changing more than just clouds. talk about that in just a moment. temperatures first thing as you head out the door head back to school or work 0the santa rest did you know to 48 degrees you will see the fog around isn't rose and coast line. also did you know to santa cruz 0so make sure you give yourself extra time heading out doort and bundle up. things changing heading into tomorrow. dry air aloft as you look at the satellite picture. this afternoon the high pressure is range from the you upper 50's at the keingt to mid 90's inland. tomorrow very similar range but the dryer air
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aloft could be change. by the middle of the week a before the moisture from these 2 systems could be working its way up towards the bay area. watch our computer an mission so we start off with the fog and then the fog just sits there well natural afternoon head nag wednesday you start to see the moisture working its way northward. monterey slight chance on wednesday law look at the moisture at the time north and certainly keeping an close eye on this our live doppler will track any possible showers that do develop but not meadly. just hay cloud. warm day again in 0the south bay. 90 degrees on the peninsula. beautiful day. 82 in redwood city. 78 san mateo o. 59 kind of used to it. downtown san francisco 66 degrees. get you up that the north bay. mid upper 90's. navy clear lake ukiah 90 degrees. up to nichlt
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san rafael 86 head out to the east bay. 74 oakland. 91 union city inland area 95 livermore another hot day. 94 in danville and 75 degrees in santa cruz and heading to the giants game tomorrow at at&t park partly cloudy tonight dropping to the upper 50's. accu-weather 7 day forecast consolidator one for your wednesday thursday down to the mid 80's inland upper 50's coast side. keep it in the range but less cloud cover in the weekend. mike will be hear starting at 4:30. talk about possible changes in our forecast. >> cool. >> thanks. >> well is organic really the better option is that new stanford study that's could change the waymçó4+y?i
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>> actor michael clark duncan has died. he was the soft spoken inmate in the green mile. >> take my hand boss. you will see for yourself.
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>>reporter: duncan nominated for oscar for the green mile. 6 fat 5 actor died today two months after suffering a heart attack. he was 54 years old. 0new study finds there is also evidence this organic food is any healthier than condition conventionally grown fad. stanford researchers say eating organic fruit and vegetable lower pesticides but the difference is minimal. also found for began ick food no more new trish us than non-organic. study is in the internal medicine books. >> nice to have on labor difficult both our baseball teams exempt. >> mike is here whether a day for the giant. >> matinee with both. 9 game win streak came toneding courtesy of the angels and one off win over the d-backs on star war day at at&t park. star war day at at&t park. more in
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>> well the giants hosting arizona in the first of 28 straight games against division opponents to end the regular season. wild september in the national league west and today ending just the beginning. storm troopers ready for action on "star wars"day. arizona playing the part of darth vadar. 4 nothing giants in the fifth. but the empire strikes back. johnson two run shot off barry. not done yet. put together a run. single in the go ahead run but princess found her only hope buster. bottom 9 man on third. double down the line. game tied at 8. goes extra and the master yoda. finds luke sky walker that would be l marcus. duplicates the master. crawford 64 s. first walk off with the force be with you. 9-8 the time. dodgeers who also won the
12:28 am
evening. 9 game within streak on the line this man came to the wrong stadium. rough day for malone. 3rd inning already 2 nothing. hammer 13th homer of the season. angels up. then in the fourth at anyth of the year. 3 innings 10 hits 5 runs against just one strike out. snap the win streak. coupled with the victory fall 4 back in the american league west. final round of the deutsche bank championship part of the fedex cup play off this was 3 man race. rory lou and fears golfer with over 100 million dollars in wings. roy started 3 back. charm up the leader board. first take including this one on 3. lou started the day with a 3 shot lead. tee shot looks like mine. double bogey now tied with mcilroy. 6 back to start
12:29 am
the day. eagle on 18. put him in the clubhouse at 19 under. miss reads but 18 under in the house. 1 shot lead at 20 othe other. seal the deal on 18. side door closed hope he misses the putt here it is. >> i hate when that happens. slide by even par on the day. wins by a stroke and regain the spot as number one golfer in the world. u.s. open serena williams facing 26-year-old andrea. she never made it past the second round and had trouble with the serve. 8 aces on the day for williams. 57 minutes for serena to move into the quarter final match point. serve its long returning doubl double. serena on in the quarter but lost in double with her sister venus later in the day. olympic gold medalist murray facing


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